Static Properties and Methods in Object-Oriented PHP

Static Properties

Introduction In PHP, static methods and properties are associated with a class rather than a particular instance (object) of the class. They belong to the class itself, not to the objects created from that class. Static Properties In OOP, properties are variables that hold data within a class. Static properties, however, are shared among all … Read more

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Autoloading in PHP

Autoloading in PHP

Introduction Autoloading in PHP is a crucial aspect of modern PHP development that significantly simplifies the process of including class files in your projects. Before autoloading became a standard practice, developers had to manually include each class file they wanted to use (using require or include), leading to tedious and error-prone code. Autoloading provides an … Read more

PHP Namespaces

PHP namespaces are a crucial feature introduced in PHP 5.3 to address the challenge of organizing code in large projects and avoiding naming conflicts. This blog post will delve into the intricacies of PHP namespaces, providing comprehensive insights along with detailed code examples to help you harness their power effectively. Understanding Namespaces In the realm … Read more

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A Beginner’s Guide to Docker


Introduction In the fast-paced world of software development and deployment, Docker has become a cornerstone technology. It offers a standardized approach to packaging, distributing, and running applications. In this detailed guide, we will explore the core components of Docker, including Docker images, containers, Dockerfiles, Docker Compose, and delve into the practical use of volumes. Our … Read more

WordPress Nonce

Nonce in WordPress

Nonces are the security tokens of WordPress. In this article we’ll go over why we need to use nonces and how to create and verify them in WordPress.

Email DNS Records for Dummies

DNS records for emails

There are four DNS records that are related to emails on your domain name. They are: MX Record SPF Record DKIM Record DMARC Record MX records are a DNS record type and they impact incoming emails. The other three are actually TXT record type and they are related to outgoing emails. SPF records and DKIM … Read more



What is SSH? SSH (Secure Shell) is a protocol (like HTTP or FTP) that lets us connect to a remote server. After connecting to a remote server via SSH, all the commands that we run on the terminal get executed on the remote server. When we connect to a server via SSH, we always log … Read more

JavaScript OOP Using Constructor Functions

JavaScript OOP with Constructor Functions

Object Oriented Programming can be implemented in JavaScript in three ways Constructor Function ES6 Class Object.create() In this article, I’ll go over the first way, which is using constructor functions. Using constructor functions is the oldest and main method of doing OOP in JavaScript. Our Sample Object Imagine our objective is to be able to … Read more