JavaScript OOP Using Constructor Functions

JavaScript OOP with Constructor Functions

Object Oriented Programming can be implemented in JavaScript in three ways Constructor Function ES6 Class Object.create() In this article, I’ll go over the first way, which is using constructor functions. Using constructor functions is the oldest and main method of doing OOP in JavaScript. Our Sample Object Imagine our objective is to be able to … Read more

How to Find All Incoming Internal Links to a Post on WordPress

Find All Incoming Internal Links to a Post on WordPress

Internal Linking If you take the SEO of your site seriously, you probably already know that internal linking is an essential factor in the ranking of the pages on your site. Internal links help Google find and index the pages on your site. If used strategically, internal links can increase the page authority of the … Read more

JavaScript this Keyword

this keyword

The “this” keyword in JavaScript can be a source of confusion for developers. In this article, we’ll try to understand this keyword in different contexts.

Name Servers

Name Servers

Name servers are the servers that direct the traffic of a domain to the right IP address, and they are where all the DNS records are stored.

How DOM Events Work?

DOM Events

In this Article we’ll go over the DOM events, event listeners, event propagation and other useful info about the events.

The wc Command

wc command

The wc command is a simple Linux command. It stands for “word count” and it can be used to show the number of lines and words in a file.

The grep Command

grep command

The grep command is one of the most useful commands in Linux command line. It can search for a pattern in a file or in the standard input.